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  • VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to create Adliked Ads?

    VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to create Adliked Ads?
    Create one page HTML ads. Learn how to create, update, edit and duplicate your HTML page ads.

Create your ads in three easy steps

1- Select a template from any of the ten available styles.

2- Fill out the template information page. You can upload up to two photos (jpg or gif only). Adstructure-AdlikedHTML

3- Preview your ad, if you are happy with it, copy the “AD ADDRESS” and share it on Facebook or Twitter.

You can also highlight and “COPY” your Ad HTML code. NOTE: do not “CUT” the HTML code – be sure to copy it.


4- Share your new Ad on Facebook or Twitter.You can use your new HTML code on your favorite classified website. (Note: some classified websites don’t allow HTML.)

Get full control of your Ads with your Ad console

On your Ad console you can preview, edit, delete or duplicate any of your previous Ads Adstructure-AdlikedHTML3

Ad structure