"Beauty is what inspires hope"
Reena Cosmetics presents Zoë Au Naturel. An all natural, hydrating, anti-wrinkle, pore reducing face cream giving skin a youthful beauty.

Zoë Au Naturel face crème is made from a plant derived formula and pleuripotent stem cell powder. It has been dermatologically tested as a hydrating, anti-wrinkle, pore reducing formula giving skin a youthful beauty.

The formula behind the face cream has proven anti-aging and renewal effects that give the skin a healthy appearance and the texture of youth. Study results from independent laboratories show dramatic decrease in skin wrinkles, skin roughness, and pore size, but a dramatic increase in skin hydration and smoothness. All ingredients in Zoë products are natural with no chemical or artificial additives. Results are based on the use of Zoë Regenerative Crème twice a day.

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