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Sell Your Old Android Phone For Bitcoin Anonymously

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Recycle your old Electronics for bitcoins
Mintspare buys your old iPhone, iPod, Macbook, DSLR, Tablet, or other used electronics.

We buy your iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, cameras, tablets, and smartphones for bitcoins! In less than a minute you will select which electronic you want to sell, make an account, and receive a prepaid label to place on a box containing your electronic device. Send it to us in exchange for your bitcoins!

Bitcoin is revolutionizing the way we think about money. Take part in this revolution and trade-in your used electronics for bitcoins on Mintspare.

Mintspare uses a real-time average of the major exchange market values. This gives sellers a fair trade-in value for their electronics. Because Mintspare doesn't send checks, use processors or bank wires we pass those saved costs on to you for a better deal than other "old money" trade-in services.

We implemented bank-level security and best practices across the board to ensure that your bitcoins are as safe as possible.

Your time is valuable. We send you your bitcoins immediately after we receive your item