Create Custom Facebook Tabs for Your Facebook Business Page!

Are you a Company, Realtor, Marketer, Business Owner or Entrepreneur? Are you selling products, ClickBank, Amazon, or any other services? Would you like motivate your Facebook visitors to take action in your Facebook Tab page? Adliked can help you create custom FB tabs with custom landing pages or links to any web page.

Ideal to be used by:
• Realtors
• Marketers
• Business
• Entrepreneurs
• Restaurants
• Hotels
• Local Shops
• Sales people
• Advertisers
• Sellers
• Small Business
Ideal to display content like:
• Real Estate listings
• Lead Pages
• Calendars
• Website Pages
• Contact Us Pages
• Restaurant Menu
• Products
• Notifications
• Promotions
• Google maps
• Download Pages
• Product Pages

Check how it works.

The Adliked Facebook Tab creator APP help you create Custom Facebook tabs for your Facebook Business Page for display custom content. Adding Custom Facebook tabs to your Facebook Business Page is very easy.

10+ landing pages templates to use on your Facebook Page Tabs
Facebook Custom Tab Builder
Create modern landing pages templates to be used on your custom Facebook Tabs: For Sale, PR announcements, Breaking news, Real Estate, product download, Jobs announcements, Business, Marketing and many more. Our online HTML landing page creator makes it easy to create your own customized template for all your needs. Join today, there’s nothing to download. Whatever you’re posting on your Facebook page you’ll find the perfect template on
Facebook Business Page Custom Tab Builder
Choose your landing page for your Facebook Page Tabs

Get full control of your landing pages with your Landing pages console
Facebook Custom Tab Builder
Preview, edit, delete or duplicate any of your previous Landing Pages.


Just connect your Facebook Business Page with Adliked app and create Custom Facebook Page tabs in a fly.
Facebook Business Page Custom Tab Builder

Create Custom Facebook Business Tabs on to display your new created adliked landing or favorite web page.
Facebook Custom Tab Builder

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